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More paintings (waiting) to be sold





My house of birth and youth





Home, acrylic on linen, varnish, 91,5-76,5 cm h-b

Made in: 2018



This painting has hung on the Autumn-exhibition of Pulchri Studio in The Hague. For as now, it can only be bought by somebody who is willing to give a lot of money for it. So you can always make a offer by e-mail. Who nows, maybe I agree. The offer must be higher than 3000 euro. The painting is made in remembrance of the corridor in my house of birth. I used the painting Corridor of Gaudio Nostro 5 of 1985 for inspiration. Choose the link at the left above to see some of these old corridor-paintings.





8000 euro


Watch the healing (enjoy the miracle), acrylic on linen, varnish, 141-101 cm h-w

Made in: 2018



This painting has hung on the Springexhibition 2018 of Pulchri Studio in The Hague. See below for a detail.



Detail van Watch the healing (enjoy the miracle)







800 euro


Elements of surprise, acrylic on linen, varnish, 31,5-25,5 cm h-w

Made in: 2006








5000 euro


It is me. I am the one, acrylic on linen, varnish, 138-98 cm h-w

Made in: 2005 + in 2018 I have painted the yellow circle in the left a bit warmer and then put varnish on the painting







4000 euro


Euphoria, acrylic on linen, varnish, 152-102 cm h-w

Made in: 2000 + in 2018 I changed the colour of the frame and some of the painting.







6000 euro


Fortune's favorite feeling, acryl op linnen, varnish, 132-92 cm h-b

Ontstaan in: 2003 + 2018